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More than Scratching the Surface

23 August 2011 Nigel Willcock, Abrasive Systems Division, 3M United Kingdom plc explains the role of abrasives in metal surface cleaning and finishing. Removing contamination from metal surfaces is integral to the quality of...

Panama's Great Canal Expansion

Solar Power

15 October 2010 Any abrasives or related tooling companies such as diamond saw makers, should be rubbing their hands at the prospect of meeting the needs of the growing solar energy market. Globally, the...

13/8/10 - Mergers and Acquisitions

Panama's Great Canal Expansion

27 July 2010Panama Canal is halfway through the construction period and moving rapidly toward completion. Unlocking Panama’s riches Panama Canal Authority’s (APC) dramatic US$5.25 billion canal expansion project officially started in September 2007 after...