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Modern Metal Cutting by G. Darby

Modern Metal Cutting by G.Darby, This is a broadly based book covering the basic of metal cutting from materials to tools, tool management cutting processes and their economics. Available from EMAS Publishing at

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International Journal of Abrasive Technology

The International Journal of Abrasive Technology is published in Inderscience 4 times a year. Abrasive technology concerns the manufacturing processes that involve the use of abrasives in a variety of forms. Abrasive technology is...

Powder Metallurgy Diamond Tools by Janusz Konstanty

A detailed update on the modern industrial practices in the powder metallurgy of diamond tools with particular focus on abrasive tools. Subjects covered include; the historical development of diamond tools, classifications, machining with diamond,...

Demolition: Practises, Technology, and Management

Published by Purdue University Press in 2010, this textbook covers the Construction Engineering and Management, Technology and Engineering industries. It includes best practises and standards required for demolition. It is intended for both University...